Nelson Piquet Brabham - BMW

1983 Formula 1 World Champion





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With FISA new regulations defined (flat underbodies) the teams have to abandoned wing-cars. providing downforce with a perfect aerodynamic body project. Also meny teams adopted turbocharged engines, but the costs were getting higher and higher!

In a year that would be dominated by turbocharged cars, at least in the practices Rosberg surprised eveyone with the pole. But in the race, he could lead only six laps, as Piquet overtook him exactly in front an amazing crowd and went to victory. Rosberg had a big frightening momentum during his refueling. His car was envolved in flames, but immediately the marshals controled it. Rosberg, who had jumped out of the car, decided to be back to race and was pushed by the marshals. Because of that he would be desqualified of a brilliant 2nd place. But the unimaginable happened: FIA decided there would be no 2nd place! So, Piquet won, with a ghost in 2nd, Lauda (McLaren-Ford) 3rd, Laffite (Williams-Ford) 4th, Tambey (Ferrari Turbo) 5th and Surer (Arrows-Ford) 6th.
Tambay and Arnoux (now with Ferrari) dominated the qualifying, followed by Williams team-mates. In the race, Tambay started in the front and in the final of the back straight, Rosberg went inside, blocking his tyres, making a 360 ! Somehow he even did not collected Tambay, as managed to stay in track, losing place only to Laffite. But the finn was resolute to win, retaking his 2nd place and attacking Tambay. In lap 25 he tried to pass in the hairpin, touching wheels with the french, knoking him out. But in the end of the straight, himself had to abandon with a broken suspension. Laffite led until slow, and ceded the lead to...Watson! The irish started from 22nd and was driving a incredible race, but not only him. Also his team-mate, Lauda, who started 23rd and also took Laffite for 2nd. Arnoux , had changed tyres three times, also passed Laffite, who finished 4th, with Surer (Arrows-Ford) 5th and a surprising Cecotto (Theodore-Ford) 6th. Great battles during the race between, like Arnoux-Cheever (Renault), Laffite-Rosberg-Jarier (Ligier-Ford), besides Tambay-Rosberg.
A perfect week-end for Prost and Renault. Pole, with 2 312 ahead his team-mate Cheever(!), led from the start and only lost it when came to pit. Piquet led 3 laps, went to pit and Prost retook it, winning with almost 30 seconds ahead of the brazilian. Cheever, Tambay and both Williams completed the points.
What a great race for the tiffosi! Tambay won when it looks like he wouldn t, as Patrese recovering from a bad pti-stop, overtook him just after Tosa curve. But immediately after Acqua-Minerale chicane he lost control of his car and hit the barriers...the italian crowd got crazy and celebrated, for his and everyone surprise!...but the crowd prefer a Ferrari winning than an italian driver with another car! Great recovering for Piquet, who let engine off in the start, getting 5th place until had a broken engine. Prost 2nd and Arnoux 3rd.
Running in the streets Rosberg could shown his class again and won. In wet track, but with no rain, everyone besides Rosberg, Laffite, Surer and Warwick (Toleman-Hart), started with grooved tyres. Even in wet track, the finn overtook Prost and led to the end. Prost also lost 2nd place for Piquet. Warwick and Surer were fighting for 4th place, when the british made a wrong manouvre, that put them out of race. Tambay finished 4th, with Sullivan (Tyrrell-Ford) and Baldi (Alfa Romeo) getting their first ever points in F1. A week-end to forget for McLaren as both drivers failed to qualify for the race.
Staring from second row, Andrea De Cesaris (Alfa Romeo V8-Turbo) took the led immediately and pooled away, making all the team dream with his victory. But when he came to refuel and tyres change, the team made a very long pit, so Andrea lost 1st place to Prost. Back to the track he was recovering very fast, when at six laps from the flag, his engine failed. Piquet inherited second, but lost fifth gear and had to slow, what allowed Tambay and Cheever to take advantage. But besides De Cesaris briliant driving, another driver must be cited: Keke Rosberg. It was absolutely amazing the way he crossed Eau the Rouge , sliding the car demonstrating all his incredible talent.
Nine laps! Only nine laps to the end, when a puncture in left tyre annihilated Piquet tatics to victory! He and Murray decided for a non-stopping race, but...At the light, Tambay s engine went off and he abandoned. Piquet led until Arnoux overtook him, but when the french went to pit, the brazilian restored the order until tyre problem. Alboreto, who started from 6th place, received a well deserved gift and won the race. Detroit is Ford headquarter, so what could be better than have nine cars into twelve who finished the race? Only what Ford achieved! They equiped all drivers in the podium: Alboreto, Roberg, Watson! The others to finish were: Piquet 4th, Laffite 5th, Mansell 6th.
Points standings until here: Prost, 28 where group by Piquet, 27 where group by Tambay 23 where group by Rosberg, 22 and Arnoux, 8.
Almost from lights to flag, Arnoux took his first victory driving for Maranello team. He only lost place when in refuel. Besides that, Patrese and Piquet put some pressure over him, but the french driver was perfect. Both Brabham-BMW broken, so Prost extended his championship lead with his poor, but valiable 5th place. Excelent 2nd for Cheever, Tambay 3rd.
New things on the grid: Lotus 94T-Renault, Ferrari 126C3 and many evolutions in Brabham, Renault and Alfa Romeo. But Maranello team dominated all the practices and Arnoux marked a new pole record for Silverstone: more than 151mph (almost 245kmh)! In the race, otherwise, his team-mate, Tambay dominated until Prost and Piquet passed him. Mansell made the crowd happiness coming from 18th to 4th in the final. Arnoux finished only 5th and Lauda 6th. Debut for Spirit-Honda with Johansson, getting a strong 14th place on the grid, but had pump failure with 5 laps in race.
Tambay and Arnoux took the front row again. Tambay led the first lap, but Arnoux drove another strong race and took the front until the end. It seemed that Piquet was following Arnoux to make a final attack. But when he smashed Arnoux s advantage, his engine blew-up with just three laps remainning. So, De Cesaris found himself in second and hold it to the final. With Piquet and Tambay (broken engine) out, fourth place was a good result for Prost. Lauda was desqualified because when he came to pit, he overshooted his garage and reversed the car, what is prohibited by rules.
Again Ferrari were in the front row. Tambay led until that a latecomer Jarier simply ignored him. First Arnoux and immediately after Piquet passed him, who became furious with his country man, but some laps later his engine blew-up again...Arnoux and Piquet fight for the lead, following not far from Prost. After the pits, Piquet led and managed Arnoux s attack, when he came from boxes with cool tyres. But soon his engine began to lose power and he had to slow. Arnoux took the lead, but missed 5th gear, what gave Prost the victory, extending his points leadership.
What is this, Prost? That probably was the thinking of Nelson Piquet after being eliminated by the french in a unpropicious manouvre at Tarzan curve. Piquet started from pole and led until Prost getting closer. But the brazilian sustained the front, because he was a little quicker than Prost in the last two corners just before the main straight. It seemed that Prost missjudged the braking point, colliding heavily the brazilian, knocking him out. But he also payed for this, as in the same lap, he crashed the barriers. Better for Ferrari team, because Arnoux inherited the lead, with Tambay in 2nd, marking the first one-two since San Marino 82. This race also marked: debut for new McLaren Porsche Turbo V6 (Lauda), the first points for Toleman-Hart team, with Warwick in 4th and also the first race that Spirit-Honda completed, with Johansson in 7th.
Patrese marked the pole and led the first two laps. Then his engine blew-up, letting Piquet free for an easy win. Arnoux made his best, but it was impossible to catch Brabham. Tambay had some engine problems and arrived in 4th, but the good news for the brazilian was the abandon of Prost. Championship standings: Prost, 51 where group by Arnoux, 49 where group by Piquet, 46 where group by Tambay, 40.
Big surprise on the practice: De Angelis (pole), Mansell (3rd), both with Lotus-Renault and Pirelli tyres. Patrese, 2nd, Piquet 4th, Arnoux 5th, Tambay 6th and Prost 8th. In the race, De Angelis started in the lead, but Patrese overtook him yet in the first lap. The Lotus driver did not give up and in the 10th lap forced to pass and touched wheels with Patrese. Both went off track, what gave the lead to Piquet. He would lead to the final without any pressure. Even a bad pit team-work with 19 6 seconds, did not put his victory in risk. Prost got 2nd place, but Tambay had brake failure and hit the barriers at Druids, not only getting him out of the race, but also for the championship battle! Worst then Tambay, team-mate Arnoux made a mistake and spun off in Southbank corner, dropping to 19th place! He recovered to finished 9th. Now Prost had 57 points, Piquet 55 and Arnoux 49.
Tambay made another pole, but Piquet 2nd, Arnoux 4th and Prost 5th had all the atentions. Immediatly from the start Piquet jumped to the front, with Patrese in 2nd. Arnoux couldn t run more than nine laps to have a broken engine. Prost at least could run more. He sustained some laps in 4th place, behind Piquet, Patrese and De Cesaris, but lost it to Lauda. At 28th lap, Piquet came to pit to refuel, unveilling their strategy of starting with less fuel. He came back still leading. Then at 35 lap Prost went to the pit and pulled out of the car. He had a turbo broken. Now, all french team would be cheering for some kind of problems with Piquet. But he just reduced the turbo pressure, let Patrese take the lead. Also some laps ahead, Lauda overtook him, but had his engine blew-up. Piquet, now saw De Cesaris arriving and let the italian pass, just to guarantee the points he needed to be champion for the second time. Big party for Brabham-BMW-Michelin. The first title for a turbocharged car.
Curious facts
* In Netherlands, after being knocked out by Prost s mistake, Piquet joked each time Patrese passed in front of the pits. Patrese was in trouble and in a very slow speed, so Piquet was showing his legs asking for a ride... . When asked if he was not angry with Prost, he declared: Well, he made a big mistake, he also lost points, so... . Prost confirmed: It was absolutly my fault! .
* After won Europe GP, Piquet said: I m telling, if we won t have any problems, nobody can stop us! . What a confidence!
* Bu a very unsure Prost: We are still in the lead... .
* In South Africa, Williams debuted new FW09 with Honda turbo engine, and finished 5th place with Rosberg.
* After winning his second title, Piquet: I wanted this championship for me, not for the team, not for the mechanics, but for me!...And I still young, I want to race many years yet, so I want to win more...
* Ferrari team won their second consecutive constructors championship, ahead Renault and Brabham.
First appearance
* Drivers: D.Sullivan, M.Baldi, T.Boutsen.
* Constructors/Teams:.

The 1983 Formula One season included the 34th FIA Formula One World Championship which commenced on March 13, and ended on October 15 after fifteen races. Nelson Piquet won the World Drivers' Championship, his second Formula One title and the first one ever won by a driver using a turbocharged engine. 1983 was notable as the last season in which a non-Championship Formula One race was held: the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, won by Keke Rosberg in a Williams.

1983 Formula One season in review


Drivers and constructors

Flag of the United Kingdom TAG Williams Racing TeamWilliamsFW08C
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8
Honda RA163E 1.5 V6T
G1Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg
2Flag of France Jacques Laffite
42Flag of the United Kingdom Jonathan Palmer
Flag of the United Kingdom Benetton Tyrrell TeamTyrrell011B
Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8G3Flag of Italy Michele Alboreto
4Flag of the United States Danny Sullivan
Flag of the United Kingdom Fila SportBrabhamBT52
BMW M12/13 1.5 L4TM5Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet
6Flag of Italy Riccardo Patrese
Flag of the United Kingdom Marlboro McLaren InternationalMcLarenMP4/1C
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8
M7Flag of the United Kingdom John Watson
8Flag of Austria Niki Lauda
Flag of West Germany Team ATSATSD6BMW M12/13 1.5 L4TG9Flag of West Germany Manfred Winkelhock
Flag of the United Kingdom John Player Team LotusLotus92
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
Renault-Gordini EF1 1.5 V6T
P11Flag of Italy Elio de Angelis
12Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
Flag of France Equipe Renault ElfRenaultRS30C
Renault-Gordini EF1 1.5 V6TM15Flag of France Alain Prost
16Flag of the United States Eddie Cheever
Flag of the United Kingdom RAM Racing Team MarchRAM01Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8P17Flag of the United Kingdom Kenny Acheson
Flag of Chile Eliseo Salazar
Flag of Canada Jacques Villeneuve
18Flag of France Jean-Louis Schlesser
Flag of Italy Marlboro Team Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo183TAlfa Romeo 890T 1.5 V8TM22Flag of Italy Andrea de Cesaris
23Flag of Italy Mauro Baldi
Flag of France Equipe Ligier GitanesLigierJS21Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8M25Flag of France Jean-Pierre Jarier
26Flag of Brazil Raul Boesel
Flag of Italy Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari126C2B
Ferrari 021 1.5 V6TG27Flag of France Patrick Tambay
28Flag of France René Arnoux
Flag of the United Kingdom Arrows Racing TeamArrowsA6Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8G29Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer
30Flag of Brazil Chico Serra
Flag of Australia Alan Jones
Flag of Belgium Thierry Boutsen
Flag of Italy Osella Squadra CorseOsellaFA1D
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
Alfa Romeo 1260 3.0 V12
P31Flag of Italy Corrado Fabi
32Flag of Italy Piercarlo Ghinzani
Flag of the United Kingdom Theodore Racing TeamTheodoreN183Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8G33Flag of Colombia Roberto Guerrero
34Flag of Venezuela Johnny Cecotto
Flag of the United Kingdom Candy Toleman MotorsportTolemanTG183BHart 415T 1.5 L4TP35Flag of the United Kingdom Derek Warwick
36Flag of Italy Bruno Giacomelli
Flag of the United Kingdom Spirit RacingSpirit201CHonda RA163E 1.5 V6TG40Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson

FIA World Championship season review

Round ↓Race ↓Date ↓Location ↓Winning driver ↓Constructor ↓Report ↓
1Flag of Brazil Brazilian Grand PrixMarch 13JacarepaguáFlag of Brazil Nelson PiquetFlag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWReport
2Flag of the United States United States Grand Prix WestMarch 27Long BeachFlag of the United Kingdom John WatsonFlag of the United Kingdom McLaren-FordReport
3Flag of France French Grand PrixApril 17Paul RicardFlag of France Alain ProstFlag of France RenaultReport
4Flag of San Marino San Marino Grand PrixMay 1ImolaFlag of France Patrick TambayFlag of Italy FerrariReport
5Flag of Monaco Monaco Grand PrixMay 15MonacoFlag of Finland Keke RosbergFlag of the United Kingdom Williams-FordReport
6Flag of Belgium Belgian Grand PrixMay 22Spa-FrancorchampsFlag of France Alain ProstFlag of France RenaultReport
7Flag of the United States Detroit Grand PrixJune 5DetroitFlag of Italy Michele AlboretoFlag of the United Kingdom Tyrrell-FordReport
8Flag of Canada Canadian Grand PrixJune 12Circuit Gilles VilleneuveFlag of France René ArnouxFlag of Italy FerrariReport
9Flag of the United Kingdom British Grand PrixJuly 16SilverstoneFlag of France Alain ProstFlag of France RenaultReport
10Flag of Germany German Grand PrixAugust 7HockenheimringFlag of France René ArnouxFlag of Italy FerrariReport
11Flag of Austria Austrian Grand PrixAugust 14ÖsterreichringFlag of France Alain ProstFlag of France RenaultReport
12Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Grand PrixAugust 28ZandvoortFlag of France René ArnouxFlag of Italy FerrariReport
13Flag of Italy Italian Grand PrixSeptember 11MonzaFlag of Brazil Nelson PiquetFlag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWReport
14Flag of the United Kingdom European Grand PrixSeptember 25Brands HatchFlag of Brazil Nelson PiquetFlag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWReport
15Flag of South Africa South African Grand PrixOctober 15KyalamiFlag of Italy Riccardo PatreseFlag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWReport

1983 Constructors Championship final standings

1Flag of Italy Ferrari126C2B
Ferrari 021G894128
2Flag of France RenaultRE30C
Renault-Gordini EF1M794113
3Flag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWBT52
BMW M12/13M724102
4Flag of the United Kingdom Williams-FordFW08CFord Cosworth DFVG36121
5Flag of the United Kingdom McLaren-FordMP4/1CFord Cosworth DFVM3415
6Flag of Italy Alfa Romeo183TAlfa Romeo 890TM18
7Flag of the United Kingdom Tyrrell-Ford011
Ford Cosworth DFYG1211
8Flag of the United Kingdom Lotus-Renault93T
Renault-Gordini EF1P11
9Flag of the United Kingdom Toleman-HartTG183BHart 415TP10

10Flag of the United Kingdom Arrows-FordA6Ford Cosworth DFVG4

11Flag of the United Kingdom Williams-HondaFW09Honda RA163EG2

12Flag of the United Kingdom Lotus-Ford92Ford Cosworth DFVP1

13Flag of Hong Kong Theodore-FordN183Ford Cosworth DFVG1

14Flag of Italy Osella-FordFA1DFord Cosworth DFVM

15Flag of the United Kingdom McLaren-TAGMP4/1ETAG Porsche P01M

16Flag of the United Kingdom Spirit-Honda201CHonda RA163EG

17Flag of Italy Osella-Alfa RomeoFA1EAlfa Romeo 1260M

18Flag of the United Kingdom RAM-March-Ford01Ford Cosworth DFVP

19Flag of France Ligier-FordJS21Ford Cosworth DFVM

20Flag of Germany ATS-BMWD6BMW M12/13G

1983 Drivers Championship final standings

Flag of Brazil
Flag of the United States
Flag of France
Flag of San Marino
Flag of Monaco
Flag of Belgium
Flag of the United States
Flag of Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Germany
Flag of Austria
Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of Italy
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of South Africa
1Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet1Ret2Ret244Ret2133Ret11359
2Flag of France Alain Prost711123185141RetRet2Ret57
3Flag of France René Arnoux10373RetRetRet1512129Ret49
4Flag of France Patrick Tambay5Ret4142Ret33RetRet24RetRet40
5Flag of Finland Keke RosbergDSQRet54152411108Ret11Ret527
6Flag of the United Kingdom John WatsonRet1Ret5DNQRet369593RetRetDSQ22
7Flag of the United States Eddie CheeverRet133RetRet3Ret2RetRet4Ret310622
8Flag of Italy Andrea de CesarisDNQRet12RetRetRetRetRet82RetRetRet4215
9Flag of Italy Riccardo PatreseRet10RetRetRetRetRetRetRet3Ret9Ret7113
10Flag of Austria Niki Lauda32RetRetDNQRet13Ret6DSQ6RetRetRet1112
11Flag of France Jacques Laffite4467Ret65Ret126RetRetDNQDNQRet11
12Flag of Italy Michele AlboretoRet98RetRet141813RetRet6RetRetRet10
13Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1212Ret12RetRet6Ret4Ret5Ret83NC10
14Flag of the United Kingdom Derek Warwick8RetRetRetRet7RetRetRetRetRet46549
15Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer65106Ret1111Ret177Ret810Ret84
16Flag of Italy Mauro BaldiRetRetRet106Ret12107RetRet5RetRetRet3
17Flag of the United States Danny Sullivan118RetRet512RetDSQ1412RetRetRetRet72
18Flag of Italy Elio de AngelisDSQRetRetRetRet9RetRetRetRetRetRet5RetRet2
19Flag of Italy Bruno GiacomelliRetRet13RetDNQ89RetRetRetRet1376Ret1
20Flag of Venezuela Johnny Cecotto13611RetDNPQ10RetRetDNQ11DNQDNQ12

NCFlag of Belgium Thierry Boutsen

NCFlag of France Jean-Pierre JarierRetRet9RetRetRetRetRet1087Ret9Ret100
NCFlag of Brazil Chico Serra9

NCFlag of Brazil Raul BoeselRet7Ret9Ret1310RetRetRetDNQ10DNQ15NC0
NCFlag of Sweden Stefan Johansson

NCFlag of Germany Manfred Winkelhock15RetRet11RetRetRet9RetDNQRetRetRet8Ret0
NCFlag of Italy Corrado FabiRetDNQRetRetDNQRetRetRetDNQDNQ1011RetDNQRet0
NCFlag of Italy Piercarlo GhinzaniDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQDNQRetDNQRetRet11DNQRetRetRet0
NCFlag of Colombia Roberto GuerreroNCRetRetRetDNPQRetNCRet16RetRet121312
NCFlag of the United Kingdom Kenny Acheson

NCFlag of the United Kingdom Jonathan Palmer

NCFlag of Chile Eliseo Salazar14RetDNQDNQDNQDNQ

NCFlag of Australia Alan Jones

NCFlag of France Jean-Louis Schlesser


NCFlag of Canada Jacques Villeneuve (elder)


Flag of Brazil
Flag of the United States
Flag of France
Flag of San Marino
Flag of Monaco
Flag of Belgium
Flag of the United States
Flag of Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Germany
Flag of Austria
Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of Italy
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of South Africa
Silver2nd place
Bronze3rd place
GreenPoints finish
BlueNon-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)
PurpleDid not finish (Ret)
RedDid not qualify (DNQ)
Did not pre-qualify (DNPQ)
BlackDisqualified (DSQ)
WhiteDid not start (DNS)
Race cancelled (C)
Light bluePracticed only (PO)
Friday test driver (TD)
(from 2003 onwards)
BlankDid not practice (DNP)
Excluded (EX)
Did not arrive (DNA)
Withdrew entry before the event (WD)
1Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet5Brazil59381
2Flag of France Alain Prost15France57473
3Flag of France René Arnoux28France49374
4Flag of France Patrick Tambay27France40154
5Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg1Finland27121
6Flag of the United Kingdom John Watson7Britain2213
7Flag of the United States Eddie Cheever16USA22
8Flag of Italy Andrea de Cesaris22Italy15
9Flag of Italy Riccardo Patrese6Italy13121
10Flag of Austria Niki Lauda8Austria12
11Flag of France Jacques Laffite2France11

12Flag of Italy Michele Alboreto3Italy1011
13Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel Mansell12Britain10
14Flag of the United Kingdom Derek Warwick35Britain9

15Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer29Switzerland4

16Flag of Italy Mauro Baldi23Italy3

17Flag of the United States Danny Sullivan4USA2

18Flag of Italy Elio de Angelis11Italy2

19Flag of Italy Bruno Giacomelli36Italy1

20Flag of Venezuela Johnny Cecotto34Venezuela1

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